Three product catalog design tips any business can use (2021-02-22)

Well-designed catalogs will help companies provide customers with an easily understandable guide to their products and services. Here are three essential design tips businesses should use to improve the effectiveness and visual appeal of their catalogs.

Separate information to improve legibility

Blocks of text tend to be skimmed by consumers or outright overlooked due to their lack of legibility. Companies with catalogs should section off the information so that it is easier for customers to process, such as grouping certain types of products into boxes or placing them on different pages. Portions of the catalog may also be separated using white space, which will keep eyes from being overwhelmed by too much content.

Customize catalogs to reinforce the brand

Businesses can work with printing companies to design catalogs that familiarize consumers with brand aesthetics. The color of text and backgrounds can be changed to perfectly resemble color schemes used in the organization’s building. Relevant imagery may be incorporated into the catalog to reinforce important brand concepts, like marine-related stores including pictures of aquatic life or nautical décor.

Differentiate catalog items using varied typography

Organizations can use printing services to alter their catalog’s text to assist customers with navigating product lists. Businesses may choose one style of font for titling sections of the catalog, while using a secondary font for item descriptions. Having different kinds of text will also help make the catalog more visually compelling to consumers.

Businesses must learn how to design legible and exciting catalogs to ensure their products and services are properly communicated to visiting clientele. The above three tips will assist companies with creating elevated catalogs that customers can easily navigate.