Three promotional items that give continued brand exposure (2021-06-14)

Familiarity towards a business is something built within consumers over time through repeated interactions with brand visuals. Here are three promotional items companies may use to continually expose recipients to brand imagery.

1. Branded apparel

Clothing and accessories are reusable objects people can incorporate into their wardrobe. Organizations offering apparel in the winter can give consumers sweatshirts, gloves, and scarves. Stores looking to connect with consumers in the summer may hand out sunglasses and caps instead. Branded apparel will allow recipients to expose others to the company’s logo, taglines, and vision statements.

2. Calendars

Businesses can order calendars from print companies to provide customers with year-round brand exposure. Those who use the item to keep track of dates and upcoming activities will have daily interactions with brand-related imagery. The company may also improve client familiarity with products by featuring items from the store as pictures for each month on the calendar.

3. Drinkware

Beverage containers are another effective item consumers can regularly utilize. Businesses with physically active clientele can give branded water bottles as a gift to use on jogs or at sporting events. Organizations operating in colder environments may give customers mugs and thermoses to keep warm when outdoors. In either case, people can use printing services to customize their drinkware to match the brand’s colors.

Creating repeat interactions with consumers will help them grow familiar with important brand imagery, which will ensure the business stays relevant to the recipient. Using items such as branded apparel, calendars, and drinkware can boost customer brand recognition.