Three steps to a memorable brand identity (2021-10-19)

Perception of a brand may influence how consumers choose which businesses to use when looking for a product or service. There are three tips anyone can utilize to create a clear and impactful brand identity that gives people a positive impression of the company.

1. Select appropriate colors for the brand

Every color is strongly associated with specific emotions and connotations, making it important to choose a palette that matches the intended personality of the organization. For example, yellow can help the brand emulate happiness and fun, while purple exudes regal energy. Stores may work with print companies to incorporate their color schemes onto their promotional materials.

2. Use fonts to reiterate the brand's personality

A strong brand identity is consistently represented through each aspect of the organization's design. The typeface selected by the business must tie in with the brand's desired personality, like choosing a script font to imply luxury for an expensive store. Using the wrong font can cause consumers to have an unclear impression of the company.

3. Create a logo that represents the business

Logos are often the image that first comes to mind when thinking about a brand. The symbol should embody the key elements of the company's identity by incorporating the right font and colors into the design. Other niche-related visuals can be added to help define the brand, such as restaurants using printing services to include pictures of food on their logo.

A clear brand identity will help stores stand out from other competitors. Any business can use the above three tips to develop their brand identities into something people will easily recognize.