Three tips for effective table tent implementation (2020-01-12)

Table tents are an effective tool companies can use to communicate important information to their customers. Businesses should follow three critical tips to ensure they reap the most benefits from their table displays.

Use pictures to elevate the display

Incorporating photographs onto the table tent will allow organizations to represent their products appealingly and provide a visual reference for what the customer orders. For example, restaurants may include pictures of their dishes onto the display to show patrons the quality of their menu items. Companies can use printing services to add high-quality images onto the tent, allowing customers to see enhanced product details.

Create opportunities for customer interaction

Table tents created by a business should include interactable elements to help brands connect with clientele. Adding links to corporate social media accounts such as Instagram or Twitter can boost online traffic and draw attention to the organization’s internet presence. Invite customers to sign up for texting or emailing lists by printing registration instructions onto the table tent.

Reinforce the brand’s identity through design

Having a strong visual identity can raise consumer recognition of a brand. Businesses can work with print companies to design table tents in keeping with the organization’s style. Changing the tents' color and including corporate symbols onto the display will help businesses reinforce their brand to clients who sit next to the sign.

Table tents can become effective advertising and branding tools for organizations that understand how to properly design their displays. Companies should use these three tips to ensure their tents impress customers and accurately represent the brand.