Three tips for effective vehicle-based advertising (2021-05-17)

Incorporating vehicle wraps into a company’s marketing strategy can result in several worthwhile benefits. There are three particular pieces of advice every business should understand to get the most out of their car-based ads:

1. Showcase a strong brand identity

Organizations can use printing services to customize their vehicles into impactful introductions to their brand. The company logo and mission statement can be printed onto the car to familiarize motorists with key brand identifiers. Customizing the wrap’s color scheme and font style to match visuals used in the store will help businesses consistently represent their style to consumers.

2. Provide necessary information for customers

An effective vehicle wrap will make the company easily accessible to those who view the advertisement. Details such as the organization’s website, phone number, email address, and social media pages should be included on the car to ensure consumers have no issue reaching the business. Companies can also engage with consumers by adding a call to action on their vehicles.

3. Ensure all details are legible

Passing motorists and pedestrians may only get to view the vehicle wrap for a few seconds, making it important to use legible designs. Organizations can work with a print company to choose appealing colors for their backgrounds and text. Increase the font size around the vehicle to make the message easier to read from a further distance.

Any business can elevate its advertising campaigns by utilizing vehicle wraps. Companies can use the above three tips to design effective ads for their cars and leave a stronger impact on those who notice the custom wrap.