Three tips for impactful postcard design (2021-08-09)

Mailing advertisements to target customers can be an effective marketing technique for maintaining client relationships while grabbing the attention of new consumers. There are three design tips companies should follow to ensure their postcards are compelling:

1. Showcase key brand elements

Each postcard sent by the business should serve as a memorable introduction to the brand. Help familiarize people with the store’s aesthetic by including its commonly used color schemes, typefaces, and imagery. Organizations may even use printing services to incorporate their logo into the postcard as a watermark. Placing catchy slogans on the card will also make the item more memorable to the receiver.

2. Encourage brand interaction

Build stronger relationships with consumers by using postcards as a tool for creating interactions between the business and the recipient. Postcards can be sent to recent clientele as an invitation to complete a survey. Shops may include exclusive coupons on the card to entice customers to stop by the store again.

3. Add embellishments to the card

Businesses can work with print companies to add details that improve the style and durability of the postcard. Using a heavier cardstock and covering the item with a coat of gloss will make the postcard resistant to damages and enhance its colors. Foil stamping the card’s text can draw attention to certain phrases and give the words an attractive metallic sheen.

Organizations wanting to improve the effectiveness of their cards can look into these three tips if they hope to make a real impact.