Three ways to give consumers long-term brand exposure (2021-11-09)

A person’s familiarity with a company can be improved by increasing their interactions with key brand elements. Here are three types of products businesses may use to provide their target clientele with long-term exposure to important brand identifiers.

1. Calendars

Calendars have the potential to be kept by consumers for the entire year as a way of keeping track of upcoming dates and holidays. Organizations may use printing services to highlight the brand’s style through the calendar, like using fonts and colors to match the visuals used in the company’s advertisements. The logo can be showcased on the calendar as a watermark for subtle yet consistent exposure to the shop’s symbol.

2. Drinkware

Objects like drink koozies, water bottles, and glasses can end up integrated into a customer’s personal collection of cups and be used over and over again. The exterior of the items is perfect for showing off a store’s logo or slogan. Athletic consumers may even use objects like bottles or thermoses while outdoors, which can potentially be seen by other people and serve as free advertising for the business.

3. Apparel

Organizations can create T-shirts and hats that showcase a brand’s main identifiers by working with print companies. Apparel from a shop may be added to a customer’s wardrobe, allowing the clothing to stay in the household for a longer period. Vision statements, logos, mottos, and industry-related images can be incorporated into the apparel.

Businesses looking to get the most from their marketing materials can use the above three products to ensure their consumers are constantly interacting with them.