Five festive strategies for improving brand familiarity (2022-12-05)

Now that December is here, companies that embrace the season in their promotional tactics can create themed marketing materials that resonate with those who celebrate the holidays. Here are five ways to do this:

1. Create seasonally appropriate drinkware

Organizations may utilize printing services to design branded drinkware with holiday-themed imagery to give as gifts to clients. Mugs and thermoses can be offered to consumers to accommodate the heated drinks they will have during the season.

2. Offer customers holiday calendars

Calendars are excellent sources of brand exposure that clients may repeatedly use in their workspaces or households. Adding a festive touch to the calendar’s design will turn it into a memorable present, such as including holiday-related iconography in each month’s picture.

3. Design themed clothing

By using branded apparel in their promotional strategies, stores can produce clothing suited for winter weather, like jackets and sweatshirts. Using print companies to customize the apparel with colors and fonts reminiscent of the season will help the clothes feel festive to recipients.

4. Send winter catalogs to clients

Themed catalogs can be mailed to clients at the start of the season to give them gift ideas. The booklets will provide readers with extra interactions with the shop’s imagery, which can impact their brand familiarity.

5. Mail festive cards to customers

Sending out holiday cards will let companies show their appreciation to customers while exposing the receivers to brand imagery. Organizations that hold seasonal festivities may use branded cards to invite people to their events.

Adjusting marketing strategies to fit seasonal themes can help businesses connect with their clients over the holidays, so don’t be afraid of some festive flair.