How to convey brand personalities through logos (2022-10-11)

Companies with clearly defined personalities can form stronger connections with customers who find the personas appealing. By customizing their logos, brands can really showcase their personality to consumers.

Use colors to evoke emotions

The palette of an organization’s symbol can represent its characteristics to the audience. Businesses may use the traits associated with certain colors to influence consumer impressions of the brand, such as utilizing shades of pink or red in the symbol to make the company seem romantic. Stores can also use printing services to increase the brightness of their logo colors to help the brand feel energized.

Choose fonts to fit the personality

Logos incorporating text into the design can use the font style of the letters to convey the brand’s persona. For example, script fonts will give the organization a sophisticated look to viewers, while bubble fonts will feel more fun and welcoming to customers. Businesses interested in having an old-fashioned aesthetic can use print companies to incorporate vintage fonts into their symbols.

Let shapes convey the right feelings

A customer’s perception of a brand can change depending on which shapes make up an organization’s logo. Triangles can represent momentum and action to the viewer, while circles are more stable and harmonious. Rectangular or square logos will help the brand feel secure and reliable to the audience.

The logos created by an organization will often become the first impression a consumer has of the brand. Any business can use the provided advice to express their personalities to customers through their logos.