How to design incredible calendars (2022-01-10)

Sending a branded calendar to consumers can be extremely beneficial for companies looking to maintain a constant presence in the recipient’s life, particularly at the start of a new year.  Here are some ways businesses can turn their calendars into effective and memorable items..

Prominently feature the brand in the design

The best calendars will serve as an instant source of brand exposure when seen by the receiver. Organizations may work with print companies to ensure their calendar showcases the brand’s crucial identifiers, such as logos and catchphrases. Stores can also incorporate their colors and favorite font styles into the item’s design to ensure the calendar captures the brand’s aesthetic.

Provide exclusive information in the item

Businesses can use calendars as a communication tool to advertise upcoming sales and seasonal events held at the shop. Dates with special occurrences may be marked by the company in advance. Organizations with free space in their calendar’s design can also add monthly coupons to the item to give people an incentive to continuously visit the brand.

Choose appropriate sizes for the occasion

The size of the calendar should be picked based on how the company intends on using the item. A smaller size would benefit vendors interested in using the calendars as a promotional item during festivals, while larger calendars can be sent to long-term clients as a corporate gift. Businesses can use printing services to adjust the size of their orders.

There are several factors that play a role in creating an extraordinary calendar for consumers. All companies can follow the above advice to improve the designs of their future calendars.