How to use font psychology effectively (2022-08-22)

Every visual component of an advertisement can impact how consumers feel about an organization, including the text used throughout the ad. Here are some ways businesses may utilize font psychology to improve how customers perceive their printed materials.

Pick text styles that reinforce the brand’s identity

All types of fonts convey different personalities to consumers, which makes it vital for organizations to choose styles that do not oppose the brand’s intended identity.

For example, companies interested in coming off as quirky and friendly may want a display font (one intended to be used for headings), while a serif font (serifs being the small hooks that appear on letters in such fonts as Times New Roman) gives a more formal look.

Use fonts to cater to target audience members

Stores with a clearly defined audience for their products and services can intentionally seek out text styles that resonate with their customers. A shop selling goods made for fun-loving people may use a rounded font to convey excitement and happiness, while organizations offering serious financial services can draw in clients with a practical sans serif font.

Select appropriate fonts for special circumstances

Sometimes, businesses may need to deviate from their usual fonts to increase the effectiveness of their printed materials, such as using a script font to invite clients to formal galas, or picking a less serious text style to promote a family-friendly event.

If they are aware of how different types of text can influence consumers, businesses will be better prepared to design more impactful marketing materials. Stores can use printing services to pick the right font for future ads.