Three collaborative marketing strategies that improve brand awareness (2022-11-16)

Running a business is often seen as a purely competitive endeavor. However, knowing how to work properly with other brands can be highly beneficial for store owners.


Here are three collaborative marketing strategies your company can use to increase customer familiarity with its brand.

1. Cross-promote with relevant businesses

Understanding which brands to collaborate with will help organizations expand their reach to the right audience members. For example, a store that sells power tools would benefit from collaborating with a business that sells lumber. Make sure to avoid cross-promoting with brands offering similar or identical goods and services. Organizations may use postcard printing to invite other companies to collaborate with their brand.

2. Welcome advertisements from synergistic brands

Collaboration requires participation from both parties, so stores looking to expand their advertising reach should also be willing to accept promotional materials from local brands. Having a bulletin board where approved shops can place their ads can encourage stronger relationships with organizations in the community.

3. Send promotional materials to pre-approved stores

Once a business has approval from a shop to start advertising, it can begin creating promotional materials to share with the store. Print companies will help organizations produce business cards, posters, and flyers that can be placed on tables or boards. Be sure to check with the shop owner to see how many ads are allowed to be displayed.

Collaboration can lead to increased customer interactions with a brand by allowing organizations to expand their marketing reach. Any store can use these promotional tips to improve how they collaborate with local businesses.