Three consumer-led advertising opportunities (2022-01-17)

Consumers can be incredible resources for companies looking to build more brand awareness in the community. Here are three items businesses may use to easily turn their customers into effective sources of advertising for the brand.

1. Branded apparel

People who are given customized clothing and accessories can showcase important brand details to the public when wearing the items. Visuals such as the organization’s logo and color scheme can be portrayed through apparel’s design. Other details, like the store’s slogan, vision statement, and contact information, may also be added to the clothing by print companies.

2. Branded bags

Consumers who are given bags from the business can flaunt key brand elements to other people when using the items in public. A shop’s symbol, color palette, and motto can be incorporated into the design of duffle bags and tote bags to ensure the objects are reliable sources of brand exposure. Companies may also place their contact details on the bags by utilizing printing services.

3. Vehicle magnets

The cars and vans of clients can be converted into portable advertisements for the brand by giving shoppers decorative vehicle magnets. Those who stick the magnet onto their cars or vans will help businesses share their brand identifiers with the community. Links to any social media pages and websites used by the organization can be included in the magnet’s design.

Customers can offer stores an effective alternate form of advertising to reach other local consumers. Any shop may use the above three items to create new advertisements.