Three design mistakes to avoid when creating signs (2022-06-06)

Every display created by a company plays a crucial role in communicating important topics to consumers, such as event advertisements, new products, or upcoming sales. There are three design flaws businesses should avoid if they want to make their signs clear and easy to comprehend.

1. Poor color combinations

The colors utilized in a display can have a significant impact on its legibility and consumer appeal. Using combinations that are not easily distinguishable may cause passing customers to overlook important information.

Choosing an unattractive color palette for the sign will also prevent people from accurately comprehending its content. Stores can use print companies to get tips on the right color schemes to use for their displays.

2. Inappropriately sized font

It is vital for businesses to consider the location of their signs when deciding on the size of the text to use throughout the ad. For example, posters intended for the inside of a store would require smaller fonts than banners made for roadside advertising. If the text is too small, customers will not be able to properly read the sign and the message will be lost.

3. Unclear branding

Every display made by an organization should be a source of brand exposure for viewers. Companies that do not incorporate their brand elements into the sign are wasting an opportunity to familiarize consumers with key identifiers. Organizations can use printing services to add their current color palettes, typefaces, logos, and slogans to their sign’s design.

Any business can create more effective advertisements by utilizing the above advice, and avoid making potential design-related mistakes.