Three easy ways to deliver brand identifiers to consumers (2022-04-25)

Repeated exposure to company imagery is a key aspect in strengthening customer recognition of a brand. There are three products organizations may use to deliver brand interactions straight to the mailboxes of target consumers.

1. Envelopes

Every letter sent to a customer gives businesses a chance to provide the recipient with exposure to the brand. Stores may use print companies to make envelopes featuring their logo’s design and color scheme to ensure all receivers have an interaction with the brand’s iconography. Custom envelopes also help shops stand out from stores using regular stationery, which can leave a stronger impression on the recipient.

2. Postcards

Postcards are affordable advertisements companies can use to keep consumers up to date on current promotions while also featuring crucial aspects of the brand. Businesses may easily incorporate their typeface, colors, symbols, and slogans on their orders to turn the postcards into effective brand representatives. The cards can even be embossed to draw attention to important phrases.

3. Holiday cards

Seasonal cards offer companies an opportunity to maintain a year-round presence in their clients’ lives. Sending branded holiday cards to celebrate occasions like Halloween or Thanksgiving will prevent customers from losing their strong familiarity with the brand. Businesses may use printing services to personalize each card for the client.

Understanding how to directly interact with consumers will help stores increase their local brand recognition. Any organization can utilize envelopes, postcards, and holiday cards to ensure their audience has frequent exposure to their brand.