Three items every swag bag should include (2022-05-02)

Stores offering complimentary branded items to people can build stronger brand familiarity and improve customer relationships. Here are three items companies can include in their swag bags to increase the recipients’ brand recognition, while leaving a good impression at the same time.

1. Business cards

Placing custom business cards into swag bags will ensure every receiver has access to the brand’s current phone number, address, and email. Having a well-designed card can also make the company appear more professional to consumers. Organizations may use printing services to incorporate their full logos and color schemes onto their orders.

2. Pens

Branded pens are convenient tools any shopper can benefit from receiving. Writing utensils may be utilized on multiple occasions, allowing for several instances of brand exposure for the recipient. Print companies can help stores customize their pens to showcase the brand’s color palette and slogan to the user. A shop’s phone and email information may also be included on the pens for convenient access.

3. Magnets

Magnets are eye-catching decorations that consumers often put on their fridges, which can turn their kitchens into daily sources of brand interactions. Businesses may also include vehicle magnets in their swag bags to turn customer cars into drivable advertisements. Including the organization’s contact details on the magnet will help other drivers connect with the store.

Swag bags are incredible tools every business can use during trade shows, festivals, and in-house promotions. Any company can include the items listed above to positively impact its audience’s brand recognition.