Three tips for designing impactful rack cards (2022-02-14)

Usually rectangular and featuring eye-catching graphics, rack cards are affordable promotional tools companies can place in high-traffic locations to share information with consumers. There are three simple design tips for making rack cards that will help the displays leave stronger impressions on customers.

1. Expose viewers to brand identifiers

All rack cards produced by an organization should contribute towards higher brand recognition. Stores may use printing services to work their logos into the card’s design. The style of the ad can be elevated by utilizing the brand’s color scheme and relevant imagery throughout the rack card. Slogans from the business may also appear on the advertisement to help onlookers memorize the brand’s main tagline.

2. Give people an effortless reading experience

Stores must know how to edit their rack cards to avoid having their content glossed over by consumers. All information offered in the ad should be divided into easily understandable sections and properly spaced to prevent any excessive blocks of text from forming. Shops can use print companies to help design compelling rack cards.

3. Use the card to engage with viewers

The printed materials made by a company can promote further interactions with the brand by including content that engages the reader. Calls-to-action asking consumers to visit the organization or its website may be included. The display can even encourage people to like and follow the shop on its social media pages, and may have coupons attached.

Any company looking to improve the designs of their rack cards can use the above advice to elevate their cards and connect with more consumers.