Three ways businesses can improve their approachability (2022-09-06)

Consumers who resonate with a company's personality are more likely to recognize and support the brand. However, having a design that is seen as too corporate or unappealing will alienate people from the business.

Consider these three easy ways stores can become visually approachable to consumers:

1. Change the brand's color scheme

The colors utilized by an organization can have an emotional impact on customers. Businesses with palettes that primarily consist of neutral colors like grays will make the brand feel serious and professional, which may be right for some companies, but could be off-putting to consumers looking for fun or high-energy brands. Stores offering products for families and children would benefit from using bright colors that invoke joy, like yellow.

2. Use inviting text styles

Like colors, a business's fonts will also influence consumer views on the brand. Companies trying to resonate with younger demographics might benefit from avoiding script or condensed fonts. Shops can use printing services to create marketing materials with friendly, welcoming text styles, like display and bubble fonts.

3. Let imagery give your brand personality

Businesses can become more welcoming to consumers by using symbols to clearly define the brand's desirable traits. Using abstract or organic shapes in a store's design will help represent ideas and feelings to consumers in a familiar, comforting manner. Including images people find funny, relaxing, or cute will help the brand stick out from other shops that do not stir emotions in their audience.

Stores wishing to be more appealing to their intended demographics can use print companies to incorporate the provided advice into their marketing strategies.