Three worthwhile ways to use catalogs as promotional tools (2022-06-20)

Catalogs are an important printed product that can help businesses portray information to consumers in an appealing format. There are three ways companies can use catalogs as effective promotional tools.

1. Showcase products in their most desirable form

Stores may use catalog printing to highlight the best qualities of each item. Every page of the book can feature a high-quality photograph drawing attention to the product’s best attributes. For example, businesses with edible goods can make the food more appetizing by zooming in on its texture or professionally plating the item. The descriptions in the catalog can describe the main benefits of the products to help customers rationalize their buying decisions.

2. Keep consumers informed about inventory

Catalogs offer shops a way to maintain connections with clients by providing them with updated inventory information. Sending a book of available products to customers a few times per year will ensure they stay up-to-date on seasonal specials while exposing them to brand-related imagery. Coupons may be added to give clients an incentive to order from the company again.

3. Turn the catalog into a portfolio

The services offered by a store can also be marketed to consumers by utilizing catalogs. People like graphic artists and carpenters can create books with photos of their previously completed projects to show potential clients real-world examples of their work. Having a readily available portfolio will also help the shop look professional to consumers.

Businesses can use the provided advice to showcase their goods and services to shoppers in a memorable way, and print companies can help stores with producing catalogs in keeping with their brand’s style.