What incentives should businesses use in their promotional materials? (2022-12-12)

An ad can be made more persuasive by providing consumers with an incentive. There are three main kinds of incentives businesses may incorporate into their marketing materials to increase customer interest in the advertisements.


Offering audience members a financial motive can help convince them to purchase a product. Companies may easily add discounts to their flyers and postcards by using printing services to customize the ads with coupons or redeemable codes. Businesses that plan to hold in-store sales can use their advertisements to let clients know about the deals in advance.

Free items

Giving consumers promotional products alongside an advertised item can make a purchase feel more valuable, such as gifting a swag bag or water bottle to the first group of customers who place an order. An organization can highlight this incentive by using printing companies to include photos of the free items in their marketing materials.


Providing benefits to clients in exchange for their support of a store can strengthen their brand loyalty and encourage repeat business. Organizations with rewards programs can promote them in their advertisements by listing what benefits are available. Sending customers a gift for signing up for the program can also motivate people to join the rewards program.

Incentives can help companies appeal to their target consumers by giving the shoppers an immediate reason for purchasing a product. Any organization may incorporate these incentives into their ads to help persuade their audience into making a purchase.