What is World Stationery Day? (2022-04-19)

Taking place on Wednesday, April 20 this year, World Stationery Day celebrates the written medium by encouraging people to take some time to physically write and send messages to their friends, family, and loved ones.

Despite our increasing use of emails and text messages made people concerned that stationery would become obsolete and eventually extinct. However, physically writing out messages to others remains a great way to make communication a memorable experience and increase engagement in the conversation. The date was created in 2012 to preserve the art of using stationery and draw attention to how society has improved its writing techniques over time.

There are several fun ways people can celebrate World Stationery Day. Participants may visit with their local stationery printers to show their support of the industry. Handwriting letters, poems and seasonal cards to family members is another activity that celebrates the holiday. Using print companies to customize the letters with letterheads, embossed fonts, or foil-stamped phrases can help elevate the appeal of the sent stationery. Of course, businesses can get involved too by making a special, personal connection with clients and customers in print.

As well as joining in with the occasion on Wednesday, fans of the written medium may also be interested in celebrating National Stationery Week, which this year will take place from Monday, May 16 to Sunday, May 22.

Writing is a fundamental aspect of communication that deserves to maintain an active presence in people's lives around the world. Celebrating World Stationery Day will preserve a special artform while helping participants grow closer with loved ones.