Why businesses should use two-sided flyers (2022-08-15)

Companies often use flyers as distributable marketing materials for their upcoming sales, events, and workshops. Knowing the advantages of double-sided flyers compared to single-sided flyers will help businesses determine which product is appropriate for their advertising campaigns.

The main benefit of choosing a two-sided flyer is the extra space. The page on the back of the printed product can include more important details without cluttering the advertisement and losing the consumer’s interest.

Organizations may also use print companies to incorporate more images in the added space without worrying about leaving enough room for their text. Double-sided flyers can easily include visuals like maps to an event’s destination and photos of new products. Entire menus with the store’s prices may also be incorporated into the flyer.

Spacing the information across both sides of the flyer will keep the viewer from being overwhelmed with too many details. This can be helpful when the ad needs to convey two key points to consumers, such as organizers trying to attract people to fundraising events while also promoting the non-profit’s cause.

Double-sided flyers may even be used to encourage collaboration between stores. Each shop can take up one side of the order and help distribute the printed products. Businesses with overlapping customers can especially benefit from sharing the flyers.

Two-sided flyers can be a useful marketing tool that helps organizations convey more information to consumers and engage with other businesses. People may use printing services to design custom double-sided flyers to suit their needs.