Why should businesses use white space in advertisements? (2022-12-21)

Intentionally leaving parts of an ad blank may seem counterproductive to businesses that want to get the most out of their advertisements. However, white space plays a crucial role in improving the effectiveness of any ad. Here are three main reasons why companies should utilize white space in their printed materials.


The space between text on a store’s marketing materials can make the difference between consumers understanding or completely ignoring advertisements. Reducing the line spacing of a paragraph will turn the words into an unappealing block of text, and putting too much space between lines will break the flow of the sentences. Shops may use print companies to design their ads with paragraphs that feel natural for viewers to read.

Separates information clearly

Printed materials without clearly defined sections will be harder for customers to comprehend. No space between the paragraphs in an advertisement can turn reading the ad into an exhausting experience for people. A lack of white space will also make it difficult for consumers to locate the ad’s main selling points.

Stops the audience feeling overwhelmed

Trying to maximize the space of an advertisement with text, pictures, and decorative elements will cause it to look cluttered to viewers, which may lead to consumers feeling overwhelmed by the ad. White space helps draw attention to the significant aspects of marketing materials to ensure businesses get their message across to shoppers.

White space is a useful design tool companies can use to make their advertisements easier for consumers to comprehend. Any store owner may use printing services to incorporate white space into their future printed materials.