Essential items your employees should have during events (2023-02-13)

The interactions a consumer has with a vendor's brand should not be limited to their exposure to the store's displays. Companies can give their staff members some useful items to improve customers’ brand familiarity while at events.

Custom apparel

The uniforms worn by employees can boost brand recognition among eventgoers. Providing team members with custom apparel will turn every interaction between a customer and booth worker into additional exposure to an organization's brand identifiers. Print companies can alter the shirts, hats, and aprons worn by team members to showcase a merchant's logo design, color scheme, and motto.

Business cards

Events like trade shows offer organizations a chance to build relationships with consumers. Giving booth attendants stacks of business cards will allow them to share their contact information with any conference-goers they connect with. Those who receive a business card will get to follow up with the employee after the trade show is finished. The cards may include crucial details like the team member's work phone number and email.


Even the smallest interactions can change how consumers view a company. Giving your employees branded pens to carry during events means they can share them with booth visitors who want to fill out any order forms or contact information sheets. These pens can be given away and act as brand reminders long after the event has finished.

Knowing how to outfit your workers for events can improve how they engage with those who visit your booths. Any company can use printing services to create these items to share with their team members.