Five distributable items businesses should bring to events (2023-02-06)

Public events like trade shows and festivals give companies valuable opportunities to engage with their communities or industries. There are five items in particular vendors may bring to these events that will help improve their interactions with consumers.

1. Brochures

Brochures allow businesses to turn quick interactions with eventgoers into a detailed introduction to their brands. The items let customers read about a company’s goods and services on their own time after the trade show. The brochures may also contain background information about a merchant’s brand.

2. Business cards

Stores can promote their current contact details by using business card printing to share the information with consumers. The cards ordered by vendors can advertise their social media platforms to recipients and display their street addresses.

3. Branded bags

Organizations looking to improve their visibility during trade shows may bring branded bags to their booths. Those who are gifted a bag may utilize the item throughout the event, exposing other attendees to a company’s slogan and imagery.

4. Custom drinkware

Businesses can create brand interactions with consumers after an event ends by giving them custom drinkware. People may reuse water bottles and mugs at home or the workplace to improve their familiarity with a vendor’s brand.

5. Pens

Store owners who bring pens to their stalls can give visitors a writing utensil for filling out forms or completing surveys. Guests may take the pens home for personal use after the trade show.

Going to a trade show without anything to share with consumers can only limit brand engagement, which is why print companies can make all the difference.