How to easily improve the legibility of your ads

It’s crucial for your advertisements to be seen by customers, though it’s equally important for people to understand what they are viewing. Marketers need to consider how their displays appear to the public to avoid accidentally creating an ad that can’t be read by consumers. Here are three ways to ensure your marketing materials are legible to customers:

Choose appropriate font designs

Businesses must think about the readability of the text on their ads. A script font might be better at conveying elegance to customers, yet it will be harder for people to comprehend from further away. Be sure to choose font styles that are appropriate for your audience’s distance from the ad and the amount of time they have to read it.

Make sure the words stand out from the background

Shoppers will have a difficult time understanding an advertisement if the text on the page is too similar in color to the ad’s background. Businesses can work with print companies to adjust their font colors. Make sure to choose color combinations that are also appealing to the audience.

Increase the size of your ads

One simple way to make your ads more readable is to use large format printing to create bigger marketing materials. The text and imagery shown on a banner will be easier for drivers to notice than the words on a flyer or poster. Store owners may use printing services to customize the length and width of their ads.

Your ad’s readability can impact its effect on consumers, so it’s important to follow these tips and design advertisements will be spotted and understood.