How to reach customers outside your community

It’s important to have a strong connection with your community, though it’s equally important to branch out and pull consumers in from outside your typical sphere of influence. Businesses that want to expand should wish to establish relationships with as many people who fall into their target demographic. Here are three ways to meet and engage with long-distance shoppers.

Attend significant events in your industry

Major trade shows in your company’s niche can attract many consumers from around the country with an active interest in the products or services you offer. Set up booths at these expos to attract and interact with several consumers. Use printing services to make take-home materials that help connect event-goers with your brand, like catalogs or business cards.

Use vehicle wraps to showcase your brand to motorists

Organizations may also use printing companies to turn work trucks or vans into ads that may reach hundreds of consumers each drive. Store owners can drive their branded vehicles on highways or around major intersections to increase the likelihood of meeting a consumer from out of town. Include contact details like your phone number and website on the car wrap.

Send mail to locations outside your community

Companies can use printed materials like catalogs, business cards, or flyers in locations away from their regular audience. Mail the items to consumers to expose unfamiliar folks to your brand and its services. Give mail recipients a reason to engage with your brand by including coupons for reduced prices or free items in the printed products.

It’s difficult to form long-distance bonds with consumers, though the above advice can help any brand start connecting with people outside their communities.