Three design mistakes to avoid with branded tees

Offering free clothing to your target audience can give them good impressions of your brand. Companies that know how to design the perfect T-shirt will get the most out of their distributed apparel, but there are three key no-nos you should be aware of to ensure your business’s branded shirts are effective.

1. Your brand is underrepresented on the T-shirt

The clothes an organization offers to shoppers should highlight the main qualities of its brand. Design elements like the shirt’s color, fonts, and imagery can be changed to help the shirt accurately represent your company. You can use printing services to add a full-color logo onto the front and back of the apparel.

2. No contact information is provided

Those who wear the shirts you give away can represent your business to other consumers. Including details like an organization’s website, social media, and phone number will allow onlookers to connect with the company. If possible, you should also share your shop’s street address and opening hours through the apparel.

3. The shirt lacks a proper call to action

Each tee can become an advertisement for your business when properly designed. Including calls to action on the shirts will allow the wearer to prompt those they pass into checking out your brand. Print companies can help shop owners add these statements to the apparel in fonts that highlight their brand’s identity.

Custom tees are fantastic marketing tools you can use to increase brand awareness and consumer interest in your business, so don’t be shy when it comes to making T-shirts your own.