Three products that increase brand engagement at events (2023-01-17)

Attending local festivals as an exhibitor can help businesses connect with customers and increase brand awareness. Here are three products any company may bring to events that can create engaging consumer experiences.

1. Custom tickets

When used in raffles, a ticket can become an effective tool for generating more brand interactions during events. Businesses may hold multiple drawings for corporate gifts throughout a festival to encourage ticketholders to keep coming back to the store’s booth. Vendors can work with print companies to make ticket designs that include their brand’s color scheme and logo.

2. Disposable menus

Shops offering food during events can use disposable menus to simultaneously provide booth visitors with a list of their products and contact information. Local restaurants may include discount codes in their menus to attract the business of eventgoers after the fest is finished. Eateries can also promote their delivery services to attendees by adding their delivery hours and fees to the menus.

3. Branded pens

Offering free pens to consumers will attract more eventgoers to a store's booth. The writing utensils have the space for vendors to include brand-related information on the items, allowing them to use printing companies to print their slogans and phone numbers on the pens. Gifting the items to people will help merchants form positive experiences between their brand and the recipients.

Understanding the benefits of various products can help vendors create effective marketing strategies that promote customer brand recognition. Any store can use the listed advice to improve its interactions with consumers during events.