Three ways to help customers navigate your events

Event organizers should want to create stress-free consumer experiences at their festivals and conferences.

People may struggle to find specific vendors or amenities at unfamiliar venues, so it is important to provide resources to help guests reach their intended destinations. Here are three ways you can make navigating your events easier for attendees.

Place directional signs throughout your event space

Point event-goers in the right direction with signs that have arrows to indicate where people need to move. The signs can show visitors where important event locations are, such as food courts, restrooms, and performance stages. The displays are also great for pointing guests toward the entrances and exits of your event venue. You can work with printing services to label the signs.

Include maps in your program brochures

Provide customers with portable maps inside your brochures to ensure they always have access to directions. The maps can inform guests where each merchant is located at your festival and highlight the locations of your venue’s restrooms. Label key landmarks in the brochures to make it easier for people to find where they are on the maps.

Use banners as informative barriers

Organizers may order banners from print companies to block event-goers from certain areas at their conventions. The displays can communicate the parts of your event that are off-limits to regular guests, such as employee-only areas or VIP sections. Organizations may also use banners to direct traffic in parking lots.

People who find themselves lost at festivals or conferences can become frustrated with the event. Businesses can use the above tips to improve the overall experiences of their guests, and ensure everything runs smoothly.