Three ways to represent your sponsors during events (2023-05-01)

Offering sponsorships to businesses can help event organizers fund their activities and raise money for their causes. Many companies get involved in this way to improve their brand recognition, so coordinators need to include benefits in their packages to ensure their sponsors get noticed at the program.

There are three ways in particular you can showcase sponsors during events.

1. Use banners to improve the sponsors’ visibility

Organizations can draw attention to their sponsors by using print companies to create large banners to set up throughout their events. The displays may include a fully-colored image of the store's logo and contact information. The banners can be placed in crowded areas like the festival's performance stage, food stalls, and entrance.

2. Feature your sponsors in the event programs

Event coordinators can work with brochure printers to create programs with advertising spaces for their fests. Selling differently sized ad sections in the program will persuade more companies to become a sponsor. The spaces may include a shop's website link, phone number, logo, and street address. Event attendees can bring the brochures home with them for future reference.

3. Allow sponsors to add promotional products to your swag bags

Companies interested in giving away take-home items to a festival's attendees may wish to add their promotional products to your event's swag bags. Shops can add items like pens, stickers, magnets, or bracelets to the bags to expose more consumers to their brands.

Sponsors play an important role in any program, so event planners need to find ways to create attractive sponsorship packages and grab the attention of more potential sponsors.