What are teardrop flags and why should you use them? (2023-02-20)

The displays used by a company can play a significant role in helping consumers grow more familiar with its brand. Store owners who want to use multiple types of signs should consider using teardrop flags, so called because their shape resembles that of a teardrop.

Can be used anywhere

A teardrop flag will give companies the freedom to set up their advertisements in any location they desire. The flags can be brought outdoors to attract the attention of passing motorists, or used indoors as an additional source of brand exposure for customers. Vendors may also easily bring the flags to expos or festivals to use in their event spaces.

Showcase all brand identifiers

Any brand-related imagery a business wants to convey to consumers can be incorporated into the designs of its teardrop flags. Printing companies can help organizations add colored pictures of their logo to the flag and customize the displays to portray their slogans. Merchants with a go-to color palette and font style may also incorporate those elements into their displays.

Direct traffic to businesses

A flag can also be a highly visible sign that directs people to a store, especially since the shape of teardrop flags has a “pointing” effect not unlike a pin on a map. The displays may be set up along sidewalks and roads to make it easier for customers to find the business. Adding arrows to the signs can ensure people travel in the right direction.

Useful in all promotional strategies, teardrop flags are an affordable option for shops interested in drawing attention to their brand in any setting.