Branding represents what your company is all about

All company names and logos can be classified as brands. When many people think of brands we are thinking of high profile, brand name products. However, branding can refer to a company, a city, a municipality or an individual. The main goal in any branding campaign is to make sure that when the consumer needs your product or services, they think of your company first.

When a company changes their logo or brand, they rely on printing companies to help them solidify that brand. For example, from time to time a city will change its brand to better suit the current business or social environment. This means that all city signs have to be reprinted, all official vehicles have to have their logos changed, flags and banners for official events have to be changed, envelopes must be altered, official letterhead paper must be replaced, and all other stationery used has to be changed. Employees will also have to place a new business card printing order with the new logo.

Of course, it is not always only the logo that changes when a company decides to change their brand. It could involve a change in company name, a new tagline, new background graphics in addition to the logo, new shapes of flags and updated colors. Usually when a city changes the brand there are several public meetings and announcements before the decision is made. In some cases, the brand is changed to reflect an incoming change in city government. Whatever the reasons for a re-brand, at a time like this a printing company is a company’s best friend.