Brochures are a versatile form of advertising

Used in many marketing campaigns across various sectors, brochures can be adapted to almost any purpose.

They can be left behind after a meeting for people who are interested, or used in stores or offices to advertise the services available. Further, they can be sent out to those who ask for more information or distributed by salespeople, and they can be sent through direct mail to a chosen demographic.

There are many different designs of brochures that fit every kind of use. Some of the most well-known designs incorporate folds such as half, tri, single gate, four panel, Z, accordion, roll, and the die-cut ‘Z fold’. As the name signifies, the half fold is a piece of paper folded in two and used for simple presentations, while the Z variety consists of two folds resulting in six surfaces – often used in direct mailings. The die cut, on the other hand, is partly cut away to reveal what is printed on the other pages, and is typically a favorite at trade shows.

While brochures can sometimes be produced in-house, the quality in such instances will be lacking. Professional printing companies, however, can work with their clients to produce exactly the type of brochures that they want. Of course, they also offer advice on the various designs available and the variety that best suits the needs of the client. Reputable brochure printers have years of experience, and they know exactly what fold or design will work best with a particular type of marketing campaign.