Business cards at their brilliant best

It is no secret that a business card is one of the most important tools a professional can have. It is sometimes described as the second chance to make a first impression, so it is vital that cards stand out from those of another businessperson or company.

This does not automatically mean that cards have to be flashy, large, and filled with illustrations and pictures. There are some very simple ways to make a business card stand out from the pack.

The main thing to consider is that it must be easy to read. Firstly, it should be free of smudges and crooked text. This can be achieved by ordering digital business cards from a local printing company, as the print process is clean and easily controlled. Careful consideration should be given to color choices; white or pastel-colored backgrounds are usually the best options. The font ideally should be black, and contact information should be in an easy-to-read font surrounded by lots of white space, so it cannot be easily missed.

Business cards should be printed on good quality card stock, should not bend easily, and should feel good in the hand. They also need not be rectangular; in fact, a unique shape will allow the card to stand out from the others. Also, adding a QR code to make it easier for those with mobile phones to scan it is strongly advised, as is adding links to any social networking sites. With business cards, the only limit is the imagination.