Choosing ink to suit a printing purpose

One of the most important choices to be made when printing is the decision of what type of ink to use. The crucial thing to remember is that there are two different kinds that have very different outcomes: pigmented ink and dye-based ink. Of course, a professional printing company can advise people tasked with carrying out a printing project on the type that suits it best.

Pigmented ink is the more frequently used of the two options. Being water resistant and sitting on top of the paper, it is appropriate for archival prints and any printed product that is to be displayed outdoors. Dye-based ink, on the other hand, is absorbed into the fiber of the paper. It dissolves easily and fades quickly. The color is more dynamic than that seen with pigmented ink and it dries easily. The type of paper also helps to decide how the printing will look regardless of the type of ink used; whether it is a porous paper or "swellable", like photo paper.

A business might choose to use pigmented ink for a project such as banner printing. This is especially appropriate if the banner will be displayed outdoors and for a long period of time. For the same reasons, it would be a good choice for a poster as well. Dye-based ink might be used for items such as special invitations, certificates, and other materials that designers might want to make stand out and recipients are likely to save for a long time.