Could break see tourist spots spring to life?

Spring Break is already underway for some American university students and, according to the Chicago Tribune, at least 50% of them plan on escaping this year’s cold winter with a visit to somewhere warm and sunny.

Though students are often known for their frugal living, the sheer numbers of them traveling, coupled with their search for fun on a budget, often spawns opportunities for businesses in popular tourist areas.

The good news for American resort areas is that least 12 of the top 15 spots are in either the continental U.S. or Puerto Rico. Florida still holds some of the top spots, as does Padre Island in Texas, Gulf Shores in Alabama, and San Juan in Puerto Rico. San Diego and Myrtle Beach feature in the list too.

The busiest time for travel will be the week around March 15, and most plan on spending less than $1,000 each, with many hoping to share a room with as many people as possible to save on costs.

This large influx of tourists to an area can be good news for local businesses. Brochure printers can create promotional pamphlets enticing students to visit an area, while poster printing firms can help to create signage and other items that encourage them to patronize hotels, restaurants, tour operators, and other establishments once they arrive at their selected destination.

If an area becomes known as a place where students can go to have a good time in the sun without having to spend a lot to do so, the end result can be more of them visiting, whether this is for Spring Break or another time of year.