Design tips for the perfect business card

It has long been recognized that one of the most important tools a businessperson can have is a business card. It will give the first impression of a business so it must look professional. To ensure that cards look impressive, it is always best to work with a professional printing company, who can both design and print them. The quality of professional business card printing goes without saying, since printing companies have the correct tools and the quality card stock, resulting in cards with a tip-top appearance.

There are several suggested design tips to follow when it comes to business cards. They should always feature high quality images, a professionally designed logo to represent the business, clear and easy-to-read print, current information including website and social media addresses, and make full use of the back of the card. While certain industries allow more leeway, people have come to accept a particular business card format in which the logo, image and company name appear on the left and the contact information appears on the right.

A business card is the first glimpse of your company for its recipient and if there is any change in details, the cards must be reprinted. Crossing out a number and writing in the new information will look untidy and is not acceptable. Cards should also be in perfect condition when handed out because a creased or smudged card makes it look unprofessional.

Following the above should ensure that your business card does exactly what it was designed to do and helps you to get more business.