Effective results through print and social media combination

Services such as flyer printing and catalog printing are very much in need in business as we enter 2013, and flyers sent out through direct mail are still the most effective form of marketing. As the fast-moving world of online marketing and social media continues to gather pace, however, it is important that any online accounts or social profiles should be listed on flyers under contact information.

While traditional, tangible methods of advertising and marketing are still the most effective, it is important these days for a company to also be active online and especially in social media sites. The first place many people look for information about a company or a product is on the Internet, and a company without an online presence may find that they are losing business to a competitor.

Before a company takes that leap into having a social media presence, it should definitely create a plan on how to proceed. Jumping into it without correct planning will most likely result in failure. It is usually necessary for a company to hire a person who understands all the aspects of social media at the beginning, but the company must understand what is happening at every step.

This is not to say that offline communication methods should be ignored. Entrepreneurship experts point out that one of the biggest faux pas committed by businesspeople is failing to include a physical business address when they order their business card printing. The intention may be to keep correspondence online, but it can have the effect of making a firm look inexperienced or unprofessional.