End to Saturday letter deliveries could see increased need for printing services

As the United States Postal Service announces that it will soon be ending Saturday delivery of first class mail, it could become even more important than ever for a company to hire a professional print company, so that what they do send out has more impact.

During the week, people might not have as much time to read what they receive in the mail, so it is crucial that any flyers or other materials catch the eye right away. A professional printing company can advise on what designs seem to be the most appealing, the quality of paper people might be drawn to, and the right graphics to use. Companies will no doubt still be looking for such services as flyer printing, brochure printing, and catalog printing for marketing campaigns over the course of the working week.

The Postal Service has cited budget costs as the main reason for calling time on Saturday service, and has estimated that the cut will save $2bn a year. In order for businesses to continue to make effective use of their printed marketing campaigns, it will probably mean that they will have to be more dedicated to sending out items from Monday to Friday.

As it is, some communities have already been without Saturday delivery for a while now, but businesses in such areas have adapted to ensure they work to tighter postal deadlines. Polls also suggest that most Americans are prepared to sacrifice their Saturday mail if the alternative is that they would need to subsidize it themselves.