Finding the font to push marketing forward

When creating flyers and other marketing materials, every aspect counts when a designer is trying to get the attention of the general public. Illustrations, text, color of paper, and quality of paper are all important and must be used properly to get the message across.

A local printing company will, of course, work with people who are looking to create printed advertising materials to make sure they choose the correct methods. One of the most important aspects is the choice of font used.

Flyers, for example, must be easy to read and must quickly inform the reader of an upcoming event or a new product launch. It is suggested that the best fonts to use are serif fonts (ones with small ‘kicks’ on the ends of letters), which are easier to read than sans-serif fonts (ones without).

The font chosen must match the intent of the flyer, and consideration should be given to whether the flyer is intended to be formal or casual. The most common fonts used in flyers by many graphic designers include Garamond, Times New Roman, and Avenir. One way to get attention on a flyer is to use contrasting fonts that draw attention to each area of the printed surface and the text below it.

Font choice is also arguably the most important choice when it comes to banners, since the printing must be seen from a distance in order to draw people to it. The most common fonts used in banners are Arial, Impact, and Balloon. Times New Roman is often used for the less important text on the banner.