Future business could be on the cards

The holiday season is quickly closing in and many companies are already thinking about the holiday cards they will be sending to their clients. Sending cards is not only a good way of thanking customers and suppliers for their patronage during the year; it is also a way to remind them of the company and to encourage them to return for future business. In all in, it is a form of marketing that can bring great benefits if done properly.

There are several tips when sending holiday cards. It is important that the cards are ordered several weeks before the holiday. That will ensure there will be plenty of time to personalize them, address the envelopes, and mail them out. Businesses can decide to choose the cards from choices offered by their printing company or can have a unique card designed. Whether the card is totally unique or chosen from a catalog, it is suggested that a personal note or message should be added to each card - handwritten if possible. This will let those receiving them know that they are truly appreciated. The cards should also have some company contact information printed on them, or at least the company logo. This will set them apart in the event that the customer receives the same card from two companies.

Holiday cards are definitely appreciated by those who receive them. Receiving a card in the mail is often seen as a more welcome and personal gift than a greeting via email or telephone.