Getting the most out of a printing order

When hiring a professional printing company, it is important for businesses to remember that the cost of asking an expert to carry out their printing rather than doing it themselves will likely be returned to them through an increase in profits, thanks to the items’ professional look and feel. When hiring a printer, there are some things to remember in order to get the most out of the order.

It is best to choose a four-color printing process, and to remember that offset printing offers the best quality and value for money. Perhaps the most important thing, however, is for the client to work with the printer from start to finish so they get exactly what they want. Any professional printing company will always welcome the customer’s input.

Before placing an order, bear in mind that that the best card stock for business cards is 12 or 14 point; anything less might produce a flimsy business card and, in turn, a flimsy first impression. The paper stock for quality brochures or catalogs is 80#, but asking for a sample from the printing company before proceeding with the order is a good way to get the most from your products.

Printed materials help to give the general public and a company’s business peers an impression of the quality of work they can expect from them. Taking a little extra time to design and print a quality product is almost certain to result in increased attention and, as a byproduct, higher sales levels.