Getting to grips with graphic design

No matter what type of item a business contracts to be produced by its local printing company, graphic design is always an integral part. After all, graphics are usually what attract the eye first, regardless of whether it is a poster, flyer, booklet, or even a business card. Graphics help to make a company brand well-known in the community.

It is important that each company has a written guide on how to handle graphics. This gives all of its publications a uniform look, which in turn helps to solidify the brand in the view of the public. The guide should include information such as which fonts to use, what type of images are acceptable, and how the logo should appear.

The number of people with an input into any one design or campaign should be kept to a minimum where possible, as the old adage "too many cooks spoil the broth" does fit here. Of course, the contracted print company needs to be following the guide when it produces items.

A company’s publications are all part of how the public views the brand and can dictate whether or not new business arrives. The first impression many people get of a business is through correspondence received or publications they see, so it is important that printed items look professional and help to add to the brand recognition of a company.

While some companies do their own printing, most companies have their stationery and other printed items supplied by a professional print company. This is also helpful in bringing in new business, as in-house printed material can look amateurish.