Greeting cards can bring the gift of increased business

The holiday season is here again and businesspeople are already sending out greeting cards to their customers and suppliers. While sending a card is a small gesture to make, it is something that is always appreciated by those who receive one. It might be seen as a ‘thank you’ for custom or as a gentle reminder to not forget the business the next time something is needed. No matter the reason, it makes good business sense to send out greeting cards.

The cards sent out should say something about the company, because a generic card that is seen everywhere will have much less impact. The company could design the card with their logo appearing in a tasteful way in a holiday image, or they could commission their printing company to create an original holiday design for the card. Another way is to pass the cards around before they are sent to have all of the executive staff sign it, or to have the CEO write a personalized message in each card thanking the recipient for their business or assistance.

Sending greeting cards will help a company stand out from the others and will help ensure that the company will be remembered in the coming year. Greeting cards are not a huge expense and they can bring back much more that that investment in the way of new business. After all, it is the season of giving, and giving now could lead to receiving increased business in 2013.