Honor Society inducts new group of printing professionals

The Ben Franklin Honor Society of Printing Industries of America recently inducted 11 people, with ceremonies taking place on November 15 at a banquet held during the Printing Industries' Fall Administrative Meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

The Society was founded in 2005, and the honor is given to those who are recognized leaders in their field and have made a lasting contribution to the continued improvement of the graphics and printing industries. In past years, several people have been inducted posthumously.

The majority of the honorees belong to such associations as the Printing Industries of America and the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation, but anyone who shows leadership while employed by graphic design or printing companies is eligible for induction by the Honor Society.

Among this year's inductees were Kenneth Bittner, Don P. Duncan, Laura Lawton-Forsyth, and Debbie Simpson. Most of these leaders have founded companies and are dedicated to providing further leadership in improving the future of the industry. Each inductee received a plaque highlighting this achievement.

Awards such as this are important in that they recognize the dedication and leadership for which all employees strive in their chosen industry. Those who attended the meeting were no doubt happy to be in the same room as the inductees and to have a chance to briefly discuss business with at least one, or exchange digital business cards with them. Many will also surely be hoping that they will be honored in such a way in the future.