Housing boomers: why the print industry should take note of trends

As America’s population ages, more and more of the “boomer generation” are nearing retirement, and for many of them, this can mean a change in what they are looking for when it comes to housing. According to the US News and World Report, this trend is becoming more prevalent among people in this age range.

A recent article on the website explained that for those who have not paid off their mortgage, this is likely to be a top priority, and they will not likely change their housing situation or retire until they do so. For those who have paid their mortgage off, meanwhile, moving to a more affordable home means that they will be able to access some of the equity that they have built up over the years, which they can then use for travel, or to meet healthcare costs.

Many boomers will find that they want a smaller home that requires less maintenance. They are finding they want all the modern conveniences, and that a one story floor plan suits them best. For those who wish to stay in their current home, renovation is seen as an option to give them what they are looking for.

When it comes to location, a home in a walkable neighborhood with easy access to a convenience store and other amenities is seen as being important by many people in this age bracket, as is living close to friends and family. As well, they want their home to reflect their independence.

Housing is one of many sectors that have printing at their forefront. Professional brochure printers create pamphlets and other materials that outline the services of builders and contractors, explaining how they can help older adults make their homes more suitable for them.