How can print respond to America’s shift in eating patterns?

According to a recent reports prepared by Packaged Facts and Dupont Nutrition and Health, more and more Americans are choosing to snack.

The studies indicate that up to 86% percent of Americans snack, which is a rise of 47% over 2010, and frequent small snacks throughout the day are being substituted for the more traditional three main meals. However, the research also shows that snacking choices are becoming healthier, with junk food being shunned in favor of fruit and grain options.

This presents a new world for marketers, who can choose to reflect this information in their promotional efforts. For example, restaurants can have printing companies produce special table display cards that let their customers know about their healthier, smaller portion sizes, which will fit in well with the developing trends in eating.

Since Americans appear to be giving more thought to the origin and ingredient of their food, this also creates an opportunity to use printing services to provide detailed information on the nutritional content of products. In 2015, the back of the packaging is becoming as important as the front.

Food manufactures can also respond to this trend by packaging smaller portion sizes that can be offered for sale at a lower price than that usually available on the market. This can be attractive to someone who wants a snack but feels the bigger size is too much.

Studying trends and responding to the demands of consumers can help to ensure that those in the food industry can continue to find success in today’s changing consumer landscape.