How jobseekers can make the most from a career fair

For many people, a career fair is an ideal way to make face-to-face contact with a large number of potential employers all at the same time. They can also get to network with others in their chosen field, but in order to make the most of the opportunity, it’s important that they take certain steps. This is where printing plays a primary role.

It’s important to have résumés and business cards on hand to give out while circulating through the fair. A business card printing firm or professional printing company will be able to provide these, as well as advice on the best types to use.

Dressing appropriately and treating the event as if it’s a large scale job interview will give the right impression to the recruiters who have come out to look for potential employees.

A jobseeker should visit the fair’s website well ahead of time and, if possible, upload a résumé. Find out which companies will be there, and conduct some research to learn more about them. This will allow a candidate to be well prepared to answer any questions an employer may have, and also to put forward intelligent questions themselves, going beyond requesting basic information that someone can easily find out on their own.

Lastly, a job fair is also an excellent place to network with different firms and fellow jobseekers, and digital business cards offer a nifty way to achieve this. Even if this does not directly result in a new position, it can build a valuable network of contacts that may prove to be very useful at a future date.