How print can help a company handle a name change

When a company rebrands, the name is not usually the only thing that changes. Often, the logo of the company is the most important change that happens. Companies become known for their brand and many recognize the company just by looking at the logo. Therefore, one of the most important things a rebranding company can do is work closely with a professional print company to help them portray a fresh and competent image.

A logo change can be a large-scale operation - it has to be changed in all company stationery, all the building signs have to be changed to reflect the new name and logo, any company vehicles have to be repainted to feature the new name, and all digital business cards for all employees have to be reordered from local printing companies.

When a company’s brand is already well-known, it is of paramount importance that current customers are reassured that they will receive the same level of customer service and quality products they have been used to. With the help of locally-based print services, a professional and aesthetically pleasing new image can only help customer confidence in that respect.

For companies changing their name, there is always a reasonable amount of time in which they can let their customers and stock holders know that it is happening. This can be done by either sending out a mass mailing in the form of a flyer provided by a local printing company or by calling each person personally and letting them know about the upcoming changes. This should guarantee that no customers are left uninformed of the change.